All too often I hear people say, “I really don’t know that many people.”

That’s a crock.  

At last count we’ve identified 103 categories of people who move through your personal and business lives.  How well do you know these myriad people?  And, better yet, how well do they know you and what you do?

This is not just about acquiring referrals (please go to the end of this piece to read more about that).  This is about leveraging all the people you know, because there are far more than you give yourself credit for.

What’s the chance you need an introduction to a company from whom you’ve been salivating to get some work?  How about trying to find a good medical practitioner, with no idea of who’s good and who’s not?  Or a landscaper?  Or an electrician?  Or a plumber?  The list can go on and on, but you get the idea.

Now let’s flip the coin.  

How often do people call, email or text you for the name of a good whoever?  If this occurs pretty regularly, you ‘re in the fortuitous position of being a “go-to” person, someone who’s regarded as recommending only those who are the best.  Others know when you refer someone for whatever purpose, that person will perform well.  Your fine reputation precedes you in the marketplace.

Still think you don’t know that many people?  Think again.  

If you’ve lived in the same town for five years, you’ve gotten to know many souls.  If you’ve been in business at least that long, the same applies.  And if you’re one of those whose business or practice has been around for decades, you’re an anchor in your area. 

Now, here’s the big question:  

how often do you schmooze with your fellow locals?  How often do they invite you?  Or do you want to tell me it’s a waste of time.  I don’t think so and neither do legions of others.

One of my clients, before I came on the scene, decided to begin a schmoozing schedule: one luncheon per week.  He tells me that getting out there is working great for him and that there’s still plenty of low-hanging fruit.

It’s all in your mindset.  If you need an attitude adjustment, now’s the perfect time to get one.  With summer just around the corner, you can look forward to plenty of enjoyable, informational al fresco dining.


Are you kidding?  

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Resolve to make life easier for yourself, especially as far as your marketing is concerned.


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