There are three types of networking:

1. networking with your client/customer and/or supplier;

2. networking with your colleagues;

3. networking with fellow members of organizations to which you belong.

Overwhelmingly, people concentrate on #3.

Yet there’s a good deal of marketing to be accomplished with the other two types.  For example, when is the last time you invited someone who’s referred you several times (that would be one of your “advocates”) to lunch?  If this person is out-of-town or out-of-state, what’s the chance you went online to get the name of a good, local restaurant and sent a gift card (“Sorry we can’t dine together, but I hope you’ll enjoy your meal on me; thank you so much for your referral.”)?

And then there are your clients and suppliers (you might call them “vendors”).  I’m tired of hearing about how often you see clients onsite.  Sure you do.  You’re engaged in work.  When, however, did you sit down with your client one-on-one and develop a relationship, both to get to know each other better and to promote client loyalty?  Who knows?  You might even acquire

a referral or two and some additional business.

How many times have you read my statement, “The #1 reason why people or companies change vendors is Lack of Attention”?  Stay in touch!  Don’t take clients for granted.

Speaking of vendors, they sure know what’s going on; and they’d be pleased to share some of that information with you.  Which businesses in your area are floundering, which are growing?  Who’s looking for work?  Who’s been promoted?  And, of course, whom do they know who could use your services, at the same time you ask what sorts of leads they’re looking for.

We’re headed into holiday season, after which it’s very easy to get into a January funk.  Use this slower month to schmooze ( for our 2015 e-Schmoozing Calendar), to get and keep your name out there.

Now that’s networking.

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Enjoy your holidays!