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In marketing it’s not what you spend, but how you spend it.

Yet every year owners of small and growing businesses waste billions (that’s with a “B”) of dollars in ineffective marketing.

Generating referrals is a way to work smart, rather than hard. Some people claim they acquire virtually all of their business through referrals, and their marketing strategies ensure their continuation.

Others can’t seem to generate more than 10 or 20% of their business in this manner; often, it’s not very surprising, when you look at how they approach marketing.

“Five Ways to Increase your Referrals & Earn More Money” details how to generate referrals on a continuing basis. The e-book shows 104 categories of people who potentially move through one’s personal and business lives. Then it asks how many of those people know who you are and what you do.

Whatever your circumstances, this e-book will provide innovative tips on how to grow one’s business correctly through a marketing strategy that all too many people ignore.

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